Data Structure for US Federal Scientific Collections

The registry of USFSC includes three categories of data records that provide information on:

  • Institutions that house collections such as museums, botanical gardens, seed banks, culture centers, biomedical research institutions, drilled core repositories, etc.
  • Collections that are owned or managed by the institutions.
    • Institutional Collections are defined as those that are supported through institution-wide resources and have been formally accessioned into the institution.
    • Project Collections are those that may be housed at the institution but are under the direct care of individual project funds. Project Collections may become Institutional Collections through the formal accessioning process.
  • Staff Members who research and/or manage the collections.

The connectivity between these data categories follows a few rules:

  • Institutions, Institutional/Project Collections and Staff Members are all linked.
  • Institutions must have at least one linked Staff Member; if more than one is associated then a Primary Contact must be identified.
  • Institutional/Project Collections must be linked to the Institution under which they are held.
  • Staff Members must be linked to at least one collection or institution but may be linked to as many as is applicable.

For more information about the data structure, find our documentation here which includes a list of our controlled vocabulary.