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USFSC Staff Members are any type of staff that is involved with the collections. They can be associated with the institution and/or any type of collection.

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Last Namesort descending First Name Primary Institution Institution Code Country Research Specialty
Zhou Jinsong Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine GUCM<IH> China Taxonomy of <Viola>; plant tissue culture
Zhou Jun-Yi Hebei Agricultural University JUJ<IH> China Origin and germplasm of <Ziziphus>; Rhamnaceae
Zhou Li-Shuang Guangxi Natural History Museum GXNM<IH> China Flora of Guangxi
Zhou Li-Xia Lanzhou Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences LZAH<IH> China Poaceae of Yunnan
Zhou Ming-Kang Yuxi District Institute for Drug Control YXDC<IH> China Flora of Yunnan
Zhou Mou-Qin Sichuan Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy IMC<IH> China Jinfoshan medicinal plants
Zhou Ri-Bao Hunan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine HUCM<IH> China <Gleditsia> of Hunan
Zhou Shi-Qiang Wolong Nature Reserve WL<IH> China Flora of Sichuan
Zhou Shi-Quan Inner Mongolia Forestry College NMFC<IH> China Taxonomy
Zhou Shou-Biao Anhui Normal University ANUB<IH> China Spermatophyta
Zhou Xiangyu Chenshan Botanical Garden CSH<IH> China Plant conservation; taxonomy of herbs; flora of East China; horticulture
Zhou Yong-Hong Sichuan Agricultural University SAU<IH> China Flora of Sichuan
Zhou Yun-Long South China Normal University SN<IH> China
Zhou Zhong-Guang Zhejiang Forestry Institute ZJFI<IH> China Ecology
Zhou Zhong-Kai Nanyue Arboretum NYA<IH> China Flora of Hunan
Zhou Zhongming Beijing Forestry University BJFC<IH> China Forest pathology
Zhu Hua Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Academia Sinica HITBC<IH> China Rubiaceae
Zhu Li-Juan Yunnan College of Education YCE<IH> China <Dracaena>; Agavaceae; of Yunnan
Zhu Wen-Jia Zhongshan (Sun Yatsen) University SYS<IH> China Chlorophyceae; Cyanophyceae
Zhu Zong-Yan Inner Mongolia University HIMC<IH> China Chenopodiaceae; Fabaceae; Asteraceae