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BLM-Canyons of the Ancients National Monument
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The Anasazi Heritage Center is a museum of the Ancestral Puebloan (or Anasazi) Culture and other Native cultures in the Four Corners region.  It is also the starting point for visits to Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.
Access to Collections and Archives Curated at the BLM-Anasazi Heritage Center
The BLM-Anasazi Heritage Center (AHC) collections and data management program focus on the preservation of, access to, and use of archaeological collections and archives.  These programs also support and enhance the AHC's exhibit/interpretation program.  All programs promote:
·         an understanding of the cultural landscape of the Four Corners in a broad context;
·         an understanding of the varied human populations through time and in their interaction with each other and with the resources of the land ;
·         inclusive, conscientious and respectful decision making;
·         an awareness of our role in supporting the continuity of the cultural diversity in the region;
·         an understanding and appreciation of the diverse patterns of living in our cultural landscape; and
·         the ongoing support and good will of the community.
Collections/Archives Access for non-NAGPRA collections
            Access to all non-NAGPRA collections curated at the AHC must be made by request through AHC Curation staff, using the program’s “Use of Collections Request Form. Please contact AHC Curation staff at 970-882-5600 to request a form.
            Requests must be as specific as possible in describing the types of collections requested, purpose of the research to be conducted, must include a research proposal, and include professional references and institutional affiliation.  The requests will be assessed by Curation staff to determine if the request can be met with the collections curated at the AHC, to determine appropriateness of the request, and if destructive analysis is proposed, the request must be approved by the Research Committee of CANM/AHC.
            Once collections access is assessed and approved AHC Curation staff will arrange a specific time when the collections can be made available.  As much advance notice as possible is respectfully requested.  Thirty days lead time is preferred from the time the request is made, until access to collections is provided. 
Collections/Archives Access for NAGPRA collections
            Due to the sensitive nature and legal requirements of collections that fall under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (43 CFR Part 10), any requests for access to information, documentation or collections that include NAGPRA material must first receive approval from AHC Research Committee and agency or bureau that owns, and therefore has legal control of the requested collections and information before access can be granted. 

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Public, Federal: General
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27501 Highway 184
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Tracy L. Murphy

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Museum Specialist
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BLM-AHC collections and archives
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Archaeology: Prehistoric
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Paleoindian archaeology; SW US material culture; Lithic analysis; Museum colelctions and registrar methodology; Federal museum policy and planning; Archaeological database management

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27501 Highway 184
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